Most tabletop strategy games have you and your friends battling one another for grand in-game rewards, an artifact of incredible power, or domination of the universe. Not so in Kharnage, a new card game from Asmodee. In this instance four separate gigantic armies of dwarves, ogres, goblins and uglies are dueling to the death for….a small patch of land. The entire battle is for ownership of a tiny hill. Because it’s there and no one else has it, THAT’S why.

Every round of the game begins in the same way. You and your opponents consider the strategy cards available to you, deciding which one best suits your current situation and secretly selecting the one that you will use for this round. Then, once every player has chosen, you’ll all reveal your strategy cards.

In many ways, these strategy cards determine exactly what you can accomplish on your turn. Every strategy card has an initiative number in the upper left-hand corner. These numbers decide the order in which you and your fellow players will take their turns, from lowest to highest. Considering whether you want to strike first or save your strength until the end of the round is a key consideration during your games of Kharnage.

Kharnage is expandable with two add:ons: Dark Rampage, which allows one player to assemble a team of zombies, and Tricks and Mercenaries, which was just announced and will add new army recruits, and strategies to the game. Tricks and Mercenaries won’t be available until the fall, but the base game and Dark Rampage are playable now.

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