20th Century Fox just jumbled up its entire release schedule for the next year. We’ll get to the other changes in a bit, but one of the most peculiar is a newly revealed PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2, taking the place where James Cameron’s Battle Angel Alita was originally meant to go (December 21).

Why would any of Deadpool’s fans pay a second time to watch a neutered version of the same movie? We suspect the whole enterprise, like Deadpool himself, is one giant joke. We’re expecting a satire of pared-down PG-13 cuts with ludicrous alternate takes and badly dubbed covers over swears. What Ryan Reynolds tweeted out upon the announcement seems to confirm this rerelease is less than serious:

deadpool 2

It’s Deadpool reading a storybook version of the movie to Fred Savage in bed, a la The Princess Bride. We hope the PG-13 cut opens like this.

So where did Battle Angel Alita wind up? It was pushed to February 14, 2019. Wait a minute, that’s where X-Men: Dark Phoenix was supposed to open — where’d THAT movie go now? it was pushed into June 7, now opening against Secret Life of Pets 2. But now where’s Gambit? It got bumped from June 7 clear into March 13, 2020 — Disney could own the studio lock, stock and barrel by then.

Making thing extra-confusing is the fact that Dark Phoenix just had its first trailer released yesterday — and it stated the February 14 release date. All we know is that Deadpool 2: Nicer Version will appear this Christmas alongside Aquaman and Bumblebee.

[Source: Deadline]