The Boys Season 3, A first look


The Boys Season 3 is coming! It is one of the shows that made me subscribe to Amazon prime and gave me more confidence with shows from the platform over Netflix. It Succeeded where Jupiter Ascending and Y:The Last Man failed. It is faithful to the source material but it has some changes. Those changes becomes acceptable to the fans as they improved from the source material. Along with Upload and Invincible, The Boys is one of the Pillars of the platform.

Amazon Prime’s top show is going back with a new season the first trailer is here:

The Boys Season 3 Teaser Trailer

The Boys Season 3 is not yet airing but Amazon Prime Video is so confident with this series it is renewed up to Season 5. It also have upcoming spin offs to expand the Universe. For the People who haven’t watched the first 2 seasons, Go ahead and binge it because this deconstruction of the Superhero Genre is worth your time.

The Teaser starts with a Photoshoot of Starlight and Homelander. These 2 characters are enemies and from two opposite sides but they have to fake it for the press. Knowing what Homelander can do, people can feel concerned for the safety of Starlight who is working with The Boys.

Antony Starr who plays Homelander looks intimidating while projecting a warm friendly face as the cameras click. This guy deserves to win an Emmy because he has been killing it.

The Teaser ended with   The Deep promoting a canned beverage that promises to use a percentage of its earnings to stop plastic pollution. Very Hypocritical but he has to make some dollars after the cancel culture chaos he had been through.


At least he doesn’t have to eat seafood again like the Japanese soy sauce commercial. Despite the fact, his power is to talk to marine animals.