8-Bit Brigade Launches Kickstarter


Indie developers unite for 8-Bit Brigade, a Switch compilation of NES homebrew games, now crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

We’ve covered the crowdfunding campaigns for several NES homebrews around here. Usually their purpose is to produce physical versions on real NES cartridges, but getting the games published on modern hardware is another matter (unless it’s Steam, then you just roll the ROM into an emulation package and hit “publish”). So, these indie creators figured, why not team up and release one massive compilation title? Thus was formed the 8-BIT BRIGADE. The campaign launched today.

8-Bit Brigade contains ten of the biggest NES projects of the last few years, from developers like Dale Coop (Skate Cat), Nate Peters (Doodle World) and YouTuber John Riggs (Yeah Yeah Beebiss II). The #1 goal is to produce a physical copy on Switch, and for that to happen a higher number of pledges has to be hit — the goal is $60,000. They’re a long way off, but with 29 days to go (and your help), they can get there.

There are also secret unlockable bonus games, but no one knows what they are (not even me).

A physical copy of 8-Bit Brigade for Switch takes a $60 pledge, but if you act quick, you can take advantage of the Early Bird tiers that reduce both the cost of the game and the price of shipping. The campaign will run until April 30; the game is projected to ship this December.

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