Lidderdalei Productions has announced their sci-fi action thriller 2047: Virtual Revolution, which was distributed last January through DVD by Wild Eye Releasing, will be available digitally for the first time starting June 12.

Thirty years from now, everyone lives and works inside virtual computer-generated worlds controlled by corrupt corporations. A gang of hackers, determined to put an end to the virtual service, begins using their skills to disrupt the virtual world..and Nash, a mercenary PI, is hired to track them down. Popgeeks reviewed the picture when it came out on DVD.

Guy-Roger Duvert directed the film, which stars sci-fi icon Jane Badler (“V”) and Mike Dupod (“Arrow”). It’s already won multiple awards, including Best Film at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards and Best Feature at Dragon Con. Look for it on VOD platforms June 12.

A new trailer and poster have been released hyping the VOD release of the movie….check them both out below.

2047 virtual revolution

The year is 2047. Most of the world’s population live inside corporate-controlled virtual worlds and drift further out of touch with reality. Nash, a private investigator/ mercenary is hired to track down a group of hackers who are disrupting and terrorizing the virtual space in a bid to free human beings from their online prisons.